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China made the first mini nuclear battery, will last for 50 years without charging

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Have you ever heard that a battery can last for years once it is fully charged? No, but some time ago, Chinese company Betavolt has prepared such an amazing battery that it will run continuously not for a few days or months but for 50 years without getting tired. You might be thinking that if the battery continues to last for 50 years then the size of the battery will be very large, then let us tell you that it is not so.

The most special thing about this battery prepared by the Chinese company Betavolt is that the size of this battery is equal to a coin. This battery is currently in the pilot testing phase, but the company says that this battery can bring a big change. Let us give you information about the features of this battery.

Battery Specifications

This battery developed by a Chinese company will neither need charging nor maintenance, this battery runs on nuclear energy. Let us tell you that this battery can be used for many equipments including drones and phones.

Keep in mind, this battery has not just one but many features. There are frequent incidents of battery fire, but the company has claimed that this battery will neither explode under pressure nor will it catch fire. This is because the battery has been tested at different temperatures before bringing it.

How does battery work?

According to the report of Independent, this battery does an excellent job of converting the energy released from isotopes into electricity. Due to the high cost of preparing this amazing battery, the battery may prove to be expensive.

Where will it be used?

This nuclear energy battery prepared by Betavolt can be used to bring revolution in different sectors. This battery can be used in AI equipment, aerospace, high-tech sensors, medical equipment, microprocessors, small drones and microrobots.

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