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China has made a battery smaller than a coin, it will last for 50 years without charging, there is no threat to the environment

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A Chinese startup has developed a new battery which is claimed to generate power for 50 years without charging or maintenance. One from The Independent Report According to , it is a nuclear battery made by Beijing based Betavolt. However, nuclear does not mean that its size is very large. The report further states that Betavolt has managed to extract up to 63 isotopes in a module that is smaller than a coin. The company said that this is the world’s first battery to miniaturize atomic energy. Next generation batteries are being tested. It will be produced on a large scale for commercial devices like phones and drones.

“Betavolt atomic energy batteries can meet the long-term power needs of a wide range of devices, including aerospace, AI devices, medical equipment, microprocessors, advanced sensors, small drones and micro-robots,” the company said in a press release. ” The report further stated that “This new energy device will help China stay ahead of the curve in the new round of AI technology revolution.”

Battery Specifications

Talking about dimensions, the length of the battery is 15mm, width is 15mm and thickness is 5mm. According to futurism, it is made of nuclear isotopes and a wafer-thin layer of diamond semiconductor. Nuclear batteries currently produce 100 microwatts of power at 3 volts. However, a target has been set to generate up to 1 watt of electricity by 2025. Betavolt said that there is no danger to humans from radiation. Due to which it can be used in medical equipment like pacemaker.

How does a battery work?

The technology used in batteries derives power from decaying isotopes. Then it converts this energy into power. The battery has a layered design, which will keep it safe from fire or explosion due to any sudden force. Betavolt also claimed that the battery can operate in temperatures ranging from 60 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.

atomic energy Battery Are completely environment friendly. After the decay period, the 63 isotope changes into a stable isotope of copper, which is non-radioactive. There is no threat to the environment nor does it cause pollution. The battery can be manufactured on a large scale after the company completes testing and gets all the necessary clearances.

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