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China forced Foxconn, Huawei, DJI and a hundred other companies to close factories with workers inside for seven days

After another outbreak of Covid-19, China forced some of its largest companies in Shenzhen, including iPhone maker Foxconn, to operate in a limited “closed loop” system for seven days.

The city has reached out to 100 major companies, including automaker BYD, networking giants Huawei Technologies and ZTE, and drone maker DJI. China has forced them to limit work to only employees living in a closed loop, with no contact with people outside their factories or offices. Authorities have also asked companies to reduce unnecessary interactions between non-production personnel and factory floors to reduce the spread of the infection.

A spokesperson for Foxconn said facilities in Shenzhen are operating as normal following these changes. Representatives for ZTE and DJI declined to comment. Representatives from Huawei, CNOOC and BYD have so far responded to Bloomberg inquiries.

Economists and academics have already urged Beijing to ease Covid-19 restrictions, which are among the toughest in the world. Because of these restrictions, the country’s economy is undermined and mass protests are provoked.

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