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China ‘cheated’ Apple again! A mountain of misery fell on those who bought the iPhone 14; You will also be surprised to hear

China has given a big blow to Apple. Those who are dreaming of buying an iPhone 14, this news can make them sad. You will also be surprised after reading this news.

The global launch of the iPhone 14 is expected in September 2022 and before that, Apple’s contract manufacturer is facing new difficulties in China. The COVID-19 situation is still rampant in China and therefore local authorities resort to periodic lockdowns to bring the situation under control. The latest closed loop lockdown by Chinese authorities has now been implemented at the iPhone factory in Shenzhen for a period of 7 days to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Chinese government made these rules

The closed loop lockdown will still allow the factory to operate but with the imposition of several restrictions. Site dwellers will be allowed to do their business while those coming from outside will not be allowed. The Bloomberg report said that Chinese authorities have asked 100 companies to “restrict operations to only employees who live inside a closed loop or bubble.” The officials also asked companies to reduce unnecessary interactions between non-manufacturing workers and factory floors to reduce infection.

Apple factory under lockdown ahead of planned production of iPhone 14

The series is expected to launch in September

However, Foxconn says that operations at the Shenzhen factory remained normal despite the lockdown. Therefore, it is expected that Apple will prepare the iPhone 14 series in time for the launch event to be held in September. 

iPhone 14 Specifications

The iPhone 14 series is about to see a major change as compared to the iPhone 13 generation. The new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max will be available in place of the iPhone 13 Mini. However, these vanilla models will use the older A15 Bionic chip and offer a slight upgrade over the iPhone 13 Duo. Apple also expects a jump in prices due to rising costs in the supply chain. The iPhone 14 Pro is also expected to drop the display notch and get a new high-resolution 48MP main camera.

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