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Chill of winter increased the sale of cream-lotions, sweaters are being sold in abundance

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Cold wave increased sales Image Credit source: Unsplash

The chill of winter has increased in North India. Due to the cold wave, people’s hands and feet have started becoming dry, while the demand for everything from mufflers to sweaters has increased to protect themselves from the cold. Currently, the cold winds are expected to continue for a few more days, which means demand for everything from creams, body lotions to honey, geysers, woolen clothes and petroleum jelly may remain up.

Sales of winter goods have seen a growth of 15% on an annual basis in the last 3 weeks. Winter sales have definitely increased due to the cold wave, but it is not enough to clear the stock. Therefore, ‘end of season’ sales of most brands can be seen in the coming days.

There will be loss in winter

According to a news from ET, even though the sales of winter products have increased in the last 3 weeks, but if we look at the overall sales data of December, then it will be at a loss of 5 to 10 percent as compared to December 2022. The most in demand are moisturizers, lotions, honey, wool, winter clothes, geysers and room heaters.

Mohit Malhotra of Dabur India says that the increasing chill of winter has increased the demand for products like Chyawanprash, honey and Gulabari in the last few weeks. Mohan Goenka of Emami said that due to late winter, retail sales have increased, but it did not benefit the companies much. His sales have not increased much and the season will also end soon.

The entire year’s sale takes place in just 4 months

There are many companies which deal only in winter products. For them, the months of November to February are the main sales months. Up to 80% of their sales for the entire year are to be made in these months. In such a situation, the late winter has had the worst effect on them.

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