Monday, March 4, 2024

Chery stood out: the company loaded Russian dealers with machines stronger than any other brand

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Most of all the stores of Russian automobile dealers collected Chery brand cars, about which «Gazette.Ru» told the founder of the project «Automarketologist» Oleg Moseyev.

«These are the brands which have accumulated three-monthly stock. Chery has an extraordinary number of machines. Of the first five in Morocco, which sells a lot, Chery – the most distinguished brand in this sense», — said Moses.

However, the situation with stocks varies depending on the regions: in some regions the situation at Chery is normal, while at other brands, such as Geely or Exeed, there is a surplus of cars.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA News

In the dealer environment, it is considered normal to have cars in stock for 1-1,5 months of sales, and acceptable — for 2 months. What’s more — this is already surplus stock.

«As far as sales plans are concerned, Chinese distributors do not correct them downwards. Moreover, Haval corrected its plans upward, increasing it to 40 thousand. cars our plan for 2024», — added Moses.

Earlier it was reported that in the warehouses of automobile dealers in Russia There is an increase in the stock of new cars.

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