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Chery is launching a new brand, but what about Omoda? Chery Tiggo 9 will turn into Jaecoo Lan, and Chery TJ-1 will turn into Jaecoo 7

According to Chinese Automobiles, Chery will soon add crossovers to its range under another brand – Jaecoo.

This is rather strange, since the Omoda brand introduced last year still has only one crossover in its lineup. Information about the new family was first announced a few days ago as part of the Omoda Kazakhstan closed online conference, which was attended by representatives of Chinese Automobiles. Initially, the automotive resource mistakenly believed that Jaecoo would become a new brand along with Omoda, Exeed and Jetour, but in the end it became known that Jaecoo is the future line of cars under the Omoda brand.

It is also specified that Jaecoo cars will formally belong to the Omoda brand, but will become a premium family within the main brand and will be positioned above the standard Omoda models.

The first cars will be Jaecoo 7 and Jaecoo Lan. Jaecoo will get its own logo, which has already been seen on the grille of a large crossover introduced a month ago under the name Chery Tiggo 9. Presumably, Chery Tiggo 9 in the export version will be called Jaecoo Lan.

And another Chery crossover, which is being prepared for the presentation, will be released under the name Chery TJ-1 in China and Jaecoo 7 outside China.


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