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Chery is going to bring Omoda hybrids and electric cars to Russia

Hybrids and electric vehicles Omoda may appear in Russia. This became known as part of the Russian environmental project Green Tech, a partner of which was a new Russian brand.

According to Tamara Vasilyeva, marketing director of the Omoda brand, the company is going to expand its model range with cars powered by new energy sources.

The prospect of supplementing the Omoda model range for the Russian market with cars with an electric and (or) hybrid power plant is already being considered.“, – said Tamara Vasilyeva.

It is not yet clear what innovations are being discussed. Neither hybrids nor electric vehicles are represented in the brand’s lineup. At the moment, it has only one crossover – Omoda 5 (Omoda C5 in Russia). However, there are already some assumptions.

The most logical option for the Russian Federation is various modifications based on the Omoda C5. First, a test sample of the electric version of the Omoda 5 EV crossover lit up during a road test in China back in May of this year. And secondly, even during the start of mass production of gasoline SUV models, it was reported that a hybrid modification would soon join them, with a traction battery, a 1.5-liter turbo engine and a CVT.

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