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Chery explained why Chery cars cost a million rubles less in Kazakhstan than in Russia. Dealers do not sleep

Chery International Marketing Director Xuan Zhou explained the difference in car prices between Russia and Kazakhstan with the current geopolitical situation and market conditions.

These are different countries, and there are different legislative regulations, tariffs, and this also leads to a difference in the representation of other manufacturers on the market.

Xuan Zhou.


The company’s marketing director added that “Chery is one of the global players in the automotive market”, with the company targeting customers in each of its local markets.

And, of course, I think you understand the current situation in Russia, the difference between the markets, the state of the Russian ruble. And this is what makes the difference.

Xuan Zhou

At the moment, prices for the same Chery models in Russia and Kazakhstan are very different. In Kazakhstan they are cheaper, sometimes the difference exceeds 1 million rubles. Because of this, cars destined for Kazakhstan are massively bought up by resellers and sent to Russia. As a result, official dealers in Kazakhstan complain about the lack of cars, which affects ordinary Kazakhstani motorists as well.

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