Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Chemotherapy against coronavirus will be created in Russia

According to the scientist, in the process of creating a new drug, the method of molecular docking will be used. This is a molecular simulation that predicts the best orientation and conformation of a molecule to bind to the target portion of the coronavirus. Conformation is the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule of a certain configuration. According to the expert, the arrangement of atoms can be changed depending on the task. That is, the virus becomes a target.

“Now we have selected 25–30, which are undergoing targeted modification, in order to then select two or three, and maybe even one, which would bind with high efficiency to the target we have defined, suppressing virus multiplication in cell culture by five orders of magnitude. If this succeeds, then there is hope that when we reach a person, we will retain at least three or four orders of magnitude of such suppressive activity, ”said Gunzburg.

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