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Check out the 2023 Hyundai Verna 1.5 IVT mileage review, improved comfort and features

2023 Hyundai Verna: We recently drove the manual transmission variant and the DCT gearbox variant of the new Hyundai Verna turbo petrol, which gave a very enjoyable experience. Immense power and great mobility are one of the standout features of the new Verna. But a lot of buyers would prefer the 1.5 MPI NA petrol variant with the automatic. On paper this would be the best price ever for this car, but is it really that good? To find out, we used the car for a week.

First of all, the non-turbo Verna gets standard wheels, which are not black. But the overall styling of this car is quite attractive. Like the roofline, we liked its fastback and many creases / lines, in which a low slung has also been given. It is one of the most attractive cars to come at this price point. The non-Turbo variant with the 1.5 MPi gets dualtone cream/black interiors which look more premium than the all-black variant of the Turbo, but are more prone to getting dirty. Apart from the powered hand brake, all the features are similar to the turbo Verna. No compromise on quality with soft touch material. Along with this, other luxury car features such as 64 color ambient lighting and cooled / heated seats have also been provided.

Powertrain & Mileage

We will discuss its engine and driving experience here. This engine is mated to a 6-speed MT or 8-step CVT or IVT transmission, which produces 115bhp power and 144Nm torque. It gets great power distribution and refinement. Though the spike and turbo rush are missing, but it has been tuned very well with the CVT. It is the best combination of CVT/1.5L engine. Eco drive mode is the best, in which there is no shortage of power. Its linear power output is best for daily use. The suspension has also been improved a lot from before, which provides excellent comfort. The car is way ahead of the previous model in city use, which used to deliver a mileage of 12 km/l. The non-turbo variant misses out on some ADAS features found in some turbo variants like Smart Cruise and Lane Departure, which are available in its DCT Turbo.

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The top-end Verna CVT costs over Rs 16 lakh and the Turbo DCT costs a lakh more. The turbo engine mated to a DCT gearbox generates massive power output. However, there are many people who want a stylish sedan with lots of features along with a smooth powertrain, then they can go for IVT or CVT. The color and design of its interior is quite attractive. The CVT petrol is equipped with its good mileage and comfortable driving experience. As far as the sedan is concerned, it is better than the previous model.


We liked the new Verna’s looks, comfort, features, quality, smooth powertrain, refinement, but its turbo petrol gives much better performance.


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