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Cheap gold is available here, you can save more than five and a half thousand rupees on 10 grams of gold

Dubai Vs India Gold Rate Today: Today you are getting gold very cheap in Dubai because there has been a fall in the price of gold. Gold in India is becoming costlier day by day and with this gold in Dubai is either seen getting cheaper or is stable with it.

How much is the gold rate in Dubai today (AED)

If you see the price of gold in Dubai today, for 24 carat gold in dirham, it is available for 221 dirham for 1 gram. At the same time, 10 grams of gold is available in Dubai for 2210 dirhams. Apart from this, 100 grams of gold is available in Dirham for 22,100 Dirham. However, after knowing its rate in rupees further, you will know how cheap gold is available in Dubai.

how much gold is available in dubai

If you buy gold in Dubai in rupees, then you can know here how much you will have to spend. Gold is available in Dubai at Rs 4955.90 per gram. At the same time, for 10 grams of gold, you will have to spend Rs 49,558.98. You will have to pay Rs 495,589.85 for 100 grams of gold.

How much is the price of gold in India

The price of gold in India is seeing a rise even today and it is available at Rs 55,119 per 10 grams with a gain of Rs 102 or 0.19 per cent on the Multi Commodity Exchange. At the same time, today the business of silver is also being traded at a fast pace. On MCX, silver is getting up by Rs 207 or 0.30 per cent at the rate of Rs 69620 per kg.

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how much gold is cheaper in dubai than in india

Gold from India is getting very cheap in Dubai and if we look at the price of 10 grams of gold, then the difference of Rs 5560.02 can be seen in the price of both the countries. Gold is available in Dubai at Rs 49,558.98 per 10 grams and the gold price in India is Rs 55119 per 10 grams, so gold is cheaper in Dubai than in India.



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