Saturday, October 8, 2022
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Cheap electricity drinking chip!

IBM and Samsung have jointly developed a technology that works longer days with the electricity stored in batteries. From computers to high-end mobile phones, the brain is made up of silicon chips.

These chips currently consume a lot of electricity to work. This is because of the 7 nanometer transistors embedded in today’s chips.

Recently, IBM developed transistors that were just 2 nanometers in size. These use very little electricity. IBM, – Samsung Coalition has now released 50 billion transistors measuring 2 nanometers in a single chip. This fingernail-sized chip works at 75 percent less electricity than older chips.

Thus, on the current mobile phone, experts say that if you install this chip, on a single charge, it will work for more than a week. This time, the transistors are laid out horizontally and connected to each other, rather than ignited in the circuit. Therefore, more transistors are installed in less space and the distance of the connectors is shortened. IBM, – Samsung scientists say that this will reduce the cost of electricity. Electricity savings have come to chips as well.

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