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Cheap but super-fast broadband plans! 100 Mbps speed with 3300 GB data, you will say best looking at the price

Many people nowadays have broadband plans. Most of the users are now turning to broadband plans as they are getting more benefits with less money. If you are thinking of getting a broadband connection in your home too, there are several abandonment options available to you right now. The list of affordable broadband plans is huge. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. If you’re one of those confused users, don’t worry. Today we bring you a list of cheap broadband plans from JioFiber, Airtel Xstream, Excitel and BSNL broadband companies for less than Rs 800. In these plans you get 3300 GB of data per month with 100 Mbps speed. Learn about these plans in detail and buy one of the best broadband plans.

BSNL 100 Mbps plan

BSNL 100 Mbps Plan: Airtel, Geo if you have good plans. So BSNL is not far behind in this race. BSNL has two plans. Priced at Rs 749 and Rs 799 respectively. The data limit in the first BSNL plan is 1000 GB. So, the second BSNL plan gets 3300 GB of data. The special thing is that the first plan also has some OTT platform advantages. If you are a BSNL user, these low cost BSNL broadband plans may be the best option for you.

Excitel 100 Mbps plan


Excitel 100 Mbps Plan: The 100 Mbps plan of this company is priced at Rs. 699. Users can take this plan for 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. After that it will be priced at Rs 565, Rs 508, Rs 490 and Rs 424 respectively. The special thing is that there is no data limit in the plan and unlimited facility is available. For those who use a lot of data, the Excitel 100 Mbps plan is arguably the best. The company caters to the user’s data needs for less money.


Airtel 100 Mbps plan


Airtel 100 Mbps Plan: Airtel’s prepaid plans are popular among the users. The company has an abandoned and the main one is cheap broadband plan. Which gives tremendous benefits to the users. The standard plan of Airtel Xstream Fiber is priced at Rs. Like the Geo plan, the standard plan of Airtel Xstream Fiber also gives you the benefit of 100 Mbps internet speed for 30 days. Airtel Xstream Fiber’s standard plan offers 3300 GB of data. The plan also offers Wink Music and Shaw Academy membership along with unlimited voice calling. This plan can be a great option for budget users.


JioFiber 100 Mbps plan


JioFiber 100 Mbps Plan: Jio is hugely popular with users. The company has various plans available in each range and according to the needs of the users. If you are a Geo user and are looking for a cheap brand band plan, the company offers a great plan for you. Geo’s plan tops the list of cheap broadband plans. The cost of this plan is Rs. In this 1000 Mbps internet speed is given to the customers. This speed is the same for upload and download. Also, the JioFiber 100 Mbps plan offers 3300 GB of data for 30 days. The plan also offers voice calling.

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