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Cheap AC: The room will be cool, the price is also very low

Cheap AC: If you want to avoid sweating and heat stroke in the hot summer, then there are many options in the market for this. There is a lot of relief from AC and cooler in the summer season. There are many people who cannot afford to spend a lot of money for AC and cooler. Because of this, he works with a fan.

But in the hot summer, only the fan does not work, but many small ACs are sold in the market. Whose price is less than Rs. 5 thousand, so let’s collect about these portable ACs.

The name of the first AC is One94Store Portable Air Conditioner. Its price on Amazon is Rs.2,199. One of its very special things is that customers can buy it at just Rs.107 per EMI. This is a great AC fan. You can take it anywhere in summer. It has a 500ml water tank.

If we talk about its special feature, then it can be used as a USB personal cooler. It comes with 7 color LEDs.

If we talk about another AC, then its name is Qpic Portable Air Conditioner. Here the AC is priced at Rs.2499 on Amazon. This AC has cartridge material and fan motor. Which provides more cooling.

It cools the air in summer and it turns the dry air into a deficit one. In this too, a water tank has been given to fill the water.

It also gets a fan as well as a humidifier and LED night light. This is AC. It provides a professional high-speed air. The Ouless Portable Table Top Air Conditioner comes with low noise. Along with this, this AC also reduces the surrounding temperature.

Note: Here the rates are taken from these sites on real time basis. Do check the rate once before buying.


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