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Chatting on Instagram will be more fun, now users will be able to share avatar with reels – how to send an avatar reaction while sharing reels on instagram follow these steps


You can now share a Reel or post with an avatar reaction on Instagram.
Sharing avatar reactions with Reels can be a great way to interact.
Avatars were already available on Instagram, but they have been added recently along with reels.

New Delhi. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media apps in the world. The platform keeps getting new features from time to time. In this sequence, the app has got a meta avatar. Previously these meta avatars were only available for use in chat, but now, users can use them while sharing reels. In addition to sharing a reel or post with a message, you can now share a reaction with your meta avatar.

It seems that this feature has been added recently and many users are able to use it, so let us now tell you how you can share your avatar with Reel.

How to share avatar in Instagram Reels?
Step 1: First open Instagram on your smartphone.
Step 2: Go ahead and open the reel you want to share with your friends in a direct message or personal chat. You can also share the post.
Step 3: Tap the Share button as usual.
Step 4: Select the account in which you want to share the reel/post.
Step 5: After selecting account you will see avatar button on right side next to write message, tap on it.
Step 6: Now you will be able to see all your meta avatar stickers. Tap any avatar reaction here.
Step 7: Finally tap on the send button.

will make conversation fun
Now if you go to chat you will see that the Reel you sent is gone along with your avatar reaction. Using an avatar directly can be a better way to interact when sharing a reel or post with your friends. Also, if you want to send more avatar reactions, you can do so directly from the stickers option.

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