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ChatGPT will work like a colleague, will not make people unemployed – TCS

In recent years, the capacity of Artificial Intelligence has improved rapidly. For this reason, there has been a debate going on for a long time whether due to artificial intelligence millions of people will have to be unemployed… Microsoft’s Generative AI ChatGPT (ChatGPT) has further intensified this discussion. For some time now, this AI has been continuously making headlines. Although the top Indian IT company TCS (TCS) does not think that there is any significant threat to the jobs of the people.

There will be no change in the business model

TCS believes that generative AI like ChatGPT will act as a colleague instead of eating people’s jobs. The company’s Chief Human Resource Officer Milind Lakkad was talking to news agency PTI about this. He said that such tools will prove to be helpful in increasing productivity, but they will not change the business model of the companies.

will work as a co-worker

TCS CHRO said, Generative AI will be like a co-worker. It will also take time for them to understand the context of the customers. Due to these there will be no job replacements. It may happen that the definition of job changes. Executing a job will remain focused on the industry and the customers. Co-workers like AI can help humans in doing such tasks.

Due to this jobs are at risk

Actually, AI platforms like ChatGPT are doing many such programming tasks in a pinch, which take many hours or days for average people to do. Because of this, the apprehension has increased that this AI may not eat the jobs of lakhs of people. Right now these AI platforms are being blamed for the huge layoffs in tech and IT companies.

Interference will depend on the industry

However, Lakkar’s words prove these apprehensions to be baseless. They believe it is important to understand how a particular client works. For this reason, there is scope for continuous improvement in terms of service delivery. He also said that to what extent artificial intelligence works in comparison to people, it will depend on the industry. It is possible that the interference of AI in some industry is very high, while somewhere it can be very less.



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