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ChatGPT watch created that writes poems about time

Enthusiasts continue to create unique devices with ChatGPT. Engineer Matt Webb introduced a watch with a built-in chatbot. AI is needed here to compose verses every minute that rhyme with the current time.

The system uses a Raspberry Pi single board computer and an e-ink Inky wHAT screen. And the chatbot is used in the software, the GPT-3 language model from Open AI is involved there. This system creates a new poem every minute with a mention of the current time.

As noted, the system does not always work as it should. Approximately every 15 minutes, the clock lies and shows not the present time, but the one that rhymes better. But in the future, as expected, this can be corrected.

It is noted that the use of ChatGPT in hours is paid – it takes a little less than $ 2 per day. Also note that the verses themselves can be enthusiastic or depressive depending on the setting.


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