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ChatGPT returns after being banned, company resumes its chatbot service

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Chat GPT Banned: Microsoft supported last month AI company Open AI had shut down the ChatGPT service in Italy. Actually, the European country has used AI to collect data of users wrongly. chatbot Service was banned. However, the company has resumed its service meeting the demands of the government. The American Research AI company said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot has become available again in Italy. The company has fulfilled the demands of the regulators regarding privacy.

OpenAI has launched the popular chatbot service ChatGPT only last year. However, Italy banned this service due to the privacy of users’ data. Italy was the first country to ban ChatGPT. The European country has also issued some guidelines for OpenAI so that it can resume its service.


CEO of OpenAI tweeted

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has also tweeted about the return of ChatGPT. Altman wrote on Twitter that we are excited that ChatGPT is available again in Italy!

In Italy, the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPP) has released a statement. The authority has accepted the changes made by the company. The company has made these changes following the rights of the people of Italy and European data protection rules.

OpenAI shared new information

Under the guidelines of GDPP, OpenAI has put information for users and non-users on its website. This has been done for the whole world including Europe. The website describes what personal data the company will collect, and how it will be processed to improve ChatGPT.

new screen will appear

The company has also issued a special form for everyone in Europe. If anyone has objection to the use of personal data, he can fill this form online. Users using ChatGPT in Italy will see a welcome screen. There will be many information including the new privacy policy in this.


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