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ChatGPT is stupid, but does many things very well, get a resume made for a job, a call will definitely come from the company


Make resume with ChatGPT.
You can also get corrections made in the already made resume.
ChatGPT can create resumes according to the company and job profile.

New Delhi. Good job, good salary… this is what every working person wants from his professional life. But sometimes it also happens that you are useful, both your experience and qualification are also good, but still the interview call does not come. The reason for this may be that the recruiters have not found your resume impressive. For the first impression to be good, it is important that your resume is strong. Now you can take the help of ChatGPT to improve your resume.

ChatGPT can not only create your resume, but it can also make changes in your resume according to different companies. To get a resume made from ChatGPT, you have to go to the website of ChatGPT. You have to create your account there. If the account is created then you have to log in there.

How to make resume from ChatGPT?

To create a resume from ChatGPT, you have to provide all the basic information about yourself. In which field do you work, work experience etc. For example, to start a software engineer can instruct ChatGPT that Right a resume for software engineer.

From the experience of AI chatbots so far, we have understood that as long as the chatbot lacks information, it will struggle to give the right results. So until ChatGPT does not know how much your experience is, where you have worked, what kind of work you want to do. Till then he will not be able to make a resume properly for you. So you have to give all this information to ChatGPT. You can also tell ChatGPT your professional achievements while giving your details. You will also have to give the details of your qualifications to Chat GPT.

ChatGPT was launched in November last year. Since its launch, this chatbot has created a stir all over the world. ChatGPT, which has passed many tests till now, is now helping people to get good jobs by creating resumes. (Image- ShutterStock)

Apart from this, you have to tell Chat GPT what kind of work you want to do in which company. With this, ChatGPT will create your resume according to that company and your work profile. If you are going to apply for a particular job, then you can put the job description posted by the company in the resume.

Keep improving with ChatGPT until you’re satisfied

According to the information given by you, ChatGPT will create a resume for you. You may not be satisfied with the format of the resume and the lines written in it. In this case, you can ask ChatGPT to replace those lines. It is very possible that you will not get your perfect resume in one go. So you have to give your feedback to ChatGPT again and again. For example, if ChatGPT’s resume seems more formal to you, then you can request that it should be written in a slightly casual tone. At the same time, you can give instructions to ChatGPT to crisp any part or write in more detail.

If you already have a resume, you can get it improved with ChatGPT. One advantage of making resume from ChatGPT will also be that there will be no grammar mistakes in that resume.


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