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ChatGPT is not opening in these 7 countries, China and Russia are also included in the ban, what is the concern?

New Delhi. Now Italy has also joined the list of countries banning Artificial Intelligence based chatbot ChatGPT. Expressing concern about privacy, Italy’s Data Protection Authority has banned this AI chatbot. There was a complaint of data breach against ChatGPT, in which users could see chatbot conversations of other people. After investigation, Italy’s data protection watchdog – Garante has ordered OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, to stop processing the data of users in Italy. Along with the ban, OpenAI has been given 20 days to fix the breach. Also warned that if this does not happen, a fine of $ 21.7 million (about Rs 178 crore) can be imposed on the company.

“The collection and processing of large amounts of personal data to train an algorithm cannot be underestimated,” Garante said. There is also the concern of guarantee that anyone can use ChatGPT, whereas for this the age limit should be fixed. Along with this, ChatGPT has issued wrong information many times, this is also a big concern for Garantee.

Before Italy, countries like China, North Korea, Iran, Russia and Syria have banned ChatGPT. The concern of all countries is that ChatGPT has full potential to spread misinformation. It is also worth noting here that OpenAI is an American company. China and America do not get along, in such a situation, China is worried that with the help of ChatGPT, America can spread wrong information all over the world, can broadcast wrong narratives against its opposing countries. For information, let us tell you that China has banned many foreign news websites including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram.

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Russia’s concern is also somewhat similar. He believes that AI generative platforms like ChatGPT can be misused on a large scale. The third country is North Korea. Even if a bird is killed there, Kim Jong-un gets to know. In North Korea, which is completely cut off from the world, it is also monitored that who is watching what on the Internet. In such a situation, North Korea will not take the risk of letting ChatGPT breathe in its air.

Similarly, Syria, Cuba and Iran are countries that are known for their strict censorship regulation. In these countries, the governments have complete control over the Internet. There is a ban on many platforms here. On the other hand, when it comes to Iran, America and Iran do not get along. In such a situation, Iran could not take the risk of allowing the powerful AI tool of the American company to run in its country.

AI generative tools like ChatGPT look very attractive in themselves. But in the last few months, we also saw this system giving wrong information. In such a situation, it is necessary that while developing such tools, companies should ensure that they do not become tools for spreading fake news and the data of the users is neither taken nor processed without their permission.


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