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ChatGPT is being rigged in the name of quick access, Facebook accounts are on the target of hackers, delete this extension immediately


Fraud is happening in the name of ChatGPT chatbot
Hackers are offering fake browser extension
If you have downloaded then delete it

New Delhi. OpenAI’s advanced AI language model ChatGPT has become quite popular since its launch last year. This chatbot is more popular because it is capable of answering the most difficult questions in human language. People have started taking its help to write stories, poems, solve math problems and even write computer code. Due to the popularity of ChatGPT, cyber criminals are also committing many crimes in its name.

Some time ago information about many fake ChatGPT apps came to the fore. Now a report by online privacy firm Guardio has revealed information about a new scam, with the help of which hackers are stealing people’s personal data.

How is the scam happening?
This recent incident is being done by a dangerous Chrome extension named Quick access to Chat GPT. This chatbot extension steals Facebook credentials of users. It targets the users of Google Chrome browser.

Once installed, this extension hacks the user’s Facebook account. After this, hackers transform this Facebook page into an advertising bot. After this, the attackers publish sponsored messages and other social activities in the name of the Victim’s profile. Along with this, they also spend the credits of professional accounts.

This scam was detected by a researcher named Nati Tal of Guardio Labs. According to the estimate of the researcher, more than 2000 users had installed this extension every day since March 3. It is believed that thousands of Facebook accounts may have been affected by this campaign. After getting Victim’s data, hackers are using it to sell.

Taking this action, Google has removed the Fake ChatGPT extension from the Chrome Web Store. However, users who have already downloaded this extension should delete it immediately.


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