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ChatGPT introduced “incognito mode”, but the company will still receive correspondence with the chatbot


OpenAI has introduced a new feature for its ChatGPT chatbot. This is the so-called “incognito mode”, as one of the employees called it. With it, you can keep your data private.


The bottom line is that ChatGPT generally uses user conversation history to improve its artificial intelligence. However, all conversations in “incognito mode” will not be transferred to the company for this.

According to OpenAI product specialist Nicholas Turley, this is similar to the anonymous web browsing mode in a browser. At the same time, he clarified that the conversations themselves would be saved for 30 days, but this was done to track violations. At the end of the term, the dialogues will be deleted.

OpenAI itself said that the chatbot already has huge progress, although there are still problems. But now ChatGPT has been able to make it less politically biased and more reliable.

In addition, OpenAI announced a subscription to ChatGPT Business. This subscription will allow you to have additional control over your data, and dialogs will not be used for AI training. It will be launched in the coming months.


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