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ChatGPT Ban: Apart from Italy, these countries are also afraid of AI, avoiding chatbots

Preparations to ban ChatGPT are going on in many countries. Italy is the first western country where it has been officially banned. There is fear about AI in many other countries as well. At the same time, this technology cannot be used in some countries.

Chat GPT The craze is slowly turning into fear. As a result, Italy recently Open AI Developed by Banned ChatGPT. The European country has taken such a strict step regarding privacy. AI chatbot Italy is the first western country to ban it. At the same time, Germany has also warned to ban the collection of users’ data without permission. Apart from this, investigation is going on in Canada also on OpenAI. Apart from Italy, there are many other countries where ChatGPT cannot be used.

OpenAI allows users to view chatbot conversation titles of other users. With this, users’ data can be compromised. The company does not have a legal basis for doing so. Governments are also in awe of the capability of ChatGPT. These chatbots prepare answers just like humans. Let us now see which are the countries other than Italy where ChatGPT does not work.


China fears that the US may use AI chatbots like ChatGPT to spread misinformation and global narratives. ChatGPT cannot be used in China due to its strict policy on foreign websites and applications. However, Chinese search engine company Baidu is also developing an AI chatbot.


Russia is also concerned about the possible misuse of AI generative platforms like ChatGPT. On the other hand, he is having a fight with the western countries. Russia will absolutely not allow a platform like ChatGPT to incite people through narratives. That’s why ChatGPT service is not available even in the biggest country of the world.


Iran is also famous for strict censorship. The Iranian government strictly monitors Internet traffic. Many websites and services are banned here. Anyway, the quarrel between Iran and America is very old, which is getting deeper with time. ChatGPT is not available in Iran due to political pressure.

North Korea

North Korea follows strict censorship under the dictatorship of Kim-Jong-un. Here people’s internet activity is closely monitored. Because of such strong censorship, people here cannot use ChatGPT.


Internet access is also very limited in Cuba. Here also the internet is strictly controlled by the government. There are many websites that the Cuban public cannot use. ChatGPT is also one of them.


The Middle-East country Syria also has strict internet censorship laws. This country is already struggling with challenges like wrong information. In such a situation, the risk of increasing such threats cannot be taken. So here also ChatGPT will not work.


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