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ChatGPT asked – Is Pakistan a terrorist country? So got this funny answer

New Delhi. These days there is a lot of discussion about Artificial Intelligence based ChatGPT. Which has been created by OpenAI company. in this company Microsoft Company’s investment. Due to which the concerns of companies like Google have increased. All questions are commonly asked on ChatGPT. But in the case of Pakistan, AI based ChatGPT made a mistake. Due to which once again questions have started to arise on tools like AI chatbot. Let us tell you that earlier Google’s AI ChatBot had given a wrong answer to a question from Bard, after which a sharp decline in its shares was recorded.

When ChatGPT was asked who are the best singers of Pakistan, ChatGPT included Lata Mangeshkar, Mohit Chauhan, Pankaj Udhas and Arijit Singh in the list of Pakistani singers. Along with this, the songs of Indian films were told as Pakistani. That means the information provided by ChatGPT cannot be trusted blindly. However, it is expected that technology will improve with the passing day, after which accurate answers will be available.

ChatGPT’s answer on the terrorist country of Pakistan
When ChatGPT was asked whether Pakistan is a terrorist country, ChatGPT said that I cannot give my personal view. But I can definitely say that it is not right to consider the whole country as terrorists. Means the smartness of ChatGPT has to be accepted, who gave a very diplomatic answer on a controversial topic. ChatGPT further said that a small group and individuals in Pakistan are involved in terrorism-like activities. According to ChatGPT, most of the people of Pakistan are peace-loving and they are not involved in terrorist activities. The Government of Pakistan has taken many tough steps against terrorism. Along with many other countries, Pakistan is fighting the war against terrorism.


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