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ChatGPT 4 can do these 9 things like humans, you will be shocked to know


GPT 4 Features: Recently OpenAI has launched GPT 4, let us know how this new tool works and what can be benefited from it.

Open AI Ne Advanced AI Tool gpt 4 has been launched and it is being claimed that GPT 4 is the company’s last GPT 3 And GPT will work to give better results than 3.5. The company says that GPT 4 is a large multimodal model that reflects human level performance on kR profession and academic benchmarks, and this tool can also analyze image input. Please tell that currently users with ChatGPT Plus subscription can test this new tool.

  1. GPT 3 Powered ChatGPT is known to respond in a conversational way. OpenAI says that the difference between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 could be more. GPT 4 is designed in such a way that it is more reliable and creative than GPT 3 and GPT 3.5.
  2. GPT 4 can understand image input and provide text based information similar to Google Lens. Explain in simple language Users can upload photos to identify objects or understand text in the image. This feature is not yet available in ChatGPT, however OpenAI has joined hands with Be My Eyes to test the potential of this feature.
  3. GPT 4 can also understand other languages ​​better than GPT-3.5 and GPT-3. Once the GPT 4 API is available, Indian developers can incorporate it into their tools. This tool will help many Indians who love typing in their native language.
  4. OpenAI says that GPT 4 is more creative and collaborative than the previous generation. The tool can generate and edit content with users on creative and technical writing tasks, such as composing songs, writing screenplays, or learning the user’s writing style.
  5. There is also a matter of concern among people regarding ChatGPT that this tool can also help in solving homework and this has become a cause of concern for many universities. OpenAI says that GPT can perform better in 4 tests as compared to GPT-3 and GPT-3.5.
  6. OpenAI is also introducing a new API called System Messages so that developers can tailor the user experience the way they want.
  7. OpenAI has not yet clarified whether GPT 4 can convert normal text input to video. But one thing that is worth noting here is that Microsoft has announced that Microsoft has a tool with such capability.
  8. Another area where GPT 4 can be extremely useful is analyzing email and calendars. This tool can act as a more advanced virtual assistant. Users can take help of GPT 4 tools to create daily agenda as well as analyze email and calendar.
  9. GPT 4 also has better memory and has a maximum token count of 32,768. For the information of people, let us tell you that AI chatbots such as ChatGPT use tokens to process and generate text.


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