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Chat GPT slowly dominating! Carl Pei’s prediction may not come true

Chat GPT: Chat GPT is gradually increasing its scope, this AI tool has now entered the field of education as well and its scope will increase further in the coming times. Due to this, fear has started increasing among the people.

Dangers of Chat GPT: It has become a topic of discussion among the people and the reason behind it is its increasing scope which is getting bigger day by day. It is an artificial intelligence tool that learns things and behaves like a human being, and this is what is causing fear among people. Let us tell you that recently the founder of Nothing, Carl Pei has made a prediction which is about the year 2023 and in this prediction he has mentioned one such AI software which can become killer software. Many people are seeing this prediction by connecting it with Chat GPT. Today in this news, we will tell you why this artificial intelligence tool is becoming a cause of fear.

Entered in education sector

Artificial intelligence tools have now started teaching children as well, while initially when it came, it was only answering people’s questions and talking to them like a human because this tool has this capability. It is believed that he is able to answer precisely in the same way as a human being talks. On asking the question, it was not providing you the link like Google search, but it gives the direct answer, that too accurate.

There can be a threat to these jobs

Let us tell you that due to this artificial intelligence tool, millions of jobs may be in danger in the coming time, in fact it does many things better than humans. It can teach people, do content writing, work as an advisor, work as a search engine, and many other things that humans do till now, but in the future it may The tool will take their place.


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