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Charger or some other item left in the train, you will get everything here

Lost luggage in the train? this is how you will get it backImage Credit source: BING AI

If you people also travel by train, then this information will be very useful for you. During the journey, when people are in a hurry to reach the station, they accidentally forget their important and valuable belongings in the train itself. Later, when we come to our senses, we start searching here and there for the stuff, but by then it is too late and all we get is disappointment.

Railways had started a special mission for the convenience of passengers and the name of this mission is Mission Amanat. Let us know what is Operation Amanat and how will you get information about lost goods?

What is Operation Amanat?

Western Zone of Indian Railways had started Operation Amanat for the convenience of passengers. Thanks to this mission, till now lakhs of people have been returned their belongings. The picture and details of the goods found are shared on the official site of Western Railway.

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Operation Amanat: How to find lost luggage

First of all you have to go to After this you will have to click on Operation Amanat in the Passenger & Freight Services section.

Railway operation trust

Operation Amanat (

After tapping on Operation Amanat, you will see the names of all the divisions in which this facility is available. Like this facility is available in Mumbai Central, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Ratlam, Rajkot, Bhavnagar divisions. If you click on the name of the division, a file will open in front of you in which the details of the goods found along with the date will be visible.

Operation amanat

Mission Amanat (

Only through this site you can get information about lost luggage. If your belongings have been stolen then you will have to file a separate complaint. If the goods received are yours, then you will have to provide proof that the goods are yours, only then you will be able to claim the goods. You will get the goods after completing all the processes.


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