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Charge your smartphone halfway in 4 minutes. Infinix 180W Thunder Charge ultra-fast charging introduced

The growing company Infinix decided to compete with the giants of the market for ultra-fast charges and introduced the 180W Thunder Charge.

As the name suggests, this is 180W fast charging technology. Unlike Ultra Fast Charge 160W technology, which was just a concept, 180-watt charging will appear in the company’s smartphones, and already at the end of this year. It will debut in a flagship smartphone, but there are no details about it yet.

Infinix says the technology will charge a 4,500 mAh battery up to 50% in 4 minutes. How much will be needed for a full charge, the company does not say, but you should not multiply the indicated time by two.

Since we are talking about huge power for a mobile device, 180W Thunder Charge technology has received 111 software and hardware security mechanisms that monitor many different indicators, including temperature, voltage, electromagnetic interference, and so on.

It also implies the presence of 20 temperature sensors that will monitor the temperature of the battery, USB-C port, converters, and so on. The system will focus on keeping temperatures below 43 degrees.

Also Infinix will use special cables with identification chips. Only with such a cable will ultra-fast charging be activated. In the case of other cables, charging will still be fast: 60 or 100 watts.

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