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Charge any phone wirelessly, buy this device for just Rs 699


Buy a charging receiver to wirelessly charge any smartphone.
Its online price starts from just Rs.699 on Amazon.
A separate wireless charger will also be needed for smartphone charging.

new Delhi: There are many smartphones available in today’s time with wireless charging feature. There is no need for any separate wire to charge it. You can charge the smartphone very easily by placing it on top of the charging pad. But right now this feature is limited only to expensive and premium smartphone users. Do you also want to make your smartphone wireless? For this a device will be required.

This device can be bought both online and offline. With this, you can make any budget or expensive smartphone wireless.

Charge your smartphone with this device
Wireless charging feature budget smartphone users also want to use. But since its launch, it is still limited to premium and expensive smartphones only. In such a situation, it is very difficult for common people to use this feature. Most of the people want to charge the smartphone wirelessly, but due to lack of this feature in the budget smartphone, they get disappointed. Through wireless charging receiver, any smartphone can be charged without wire.

Buy wireless charging receiver for just Rs.
It is very easy to convert any budget, premium or even normal smartphone into wireless. The wireless charging receiver is available online on Amazon for just Rs.699. You can buy it with different USB ports. These also include Lightning, Type C and Micro USB. After applying it to any smartphone, it can be charged without using any wire.

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Can you charge wirelessly with a normal charger?
After converting any smartphone into wireless charging, a separate charger will be required to charge it. Can’t charge wirelessly with normal charger. There are many chargers with 15W capacity available online on Amazon. While buying a wireless charging receiver, also keep these things in mind that you cannot charge without it. Buy the charging receiver and wireless charger together.



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