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Changed traffic rules for two wheelers, children will also have to wear helmets, if you want to avoid challan, then know the new rules

New Delhi: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued new traffic rules for two-wheeler drivers. This rule has been brought to protect children sitting on two-wheelers. According to the new rules, now children below the age of 4 years will have to take full care of safety to take them on a two-wheeler. Drivers will be required to use helmets and harness belts for children. Also, the speed of the two-wheeler should not exceed 40 kmph.

What is a Safety Harness Belt?
A safety harness is an adjustable belt worn by a child. This belt is worn by the child, but part of it remains attached to the two-wheeler rider. Like a child wears this belt like a school bag. Then a part of it gets locked by the rider’s waist or abdomen. This way the child remains fully attached to the rider. Its big advantage is that the child will not fall from the bike or scooter. The specification of harness safety belt to be prepared under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 (2016A 11) should be such. It is said to be light caring, adjustable, waterproof and durable. Plus it’s made of heavy nylon, multifilament material with ample cushioning foam. According to the rules, it should have the capacity to lift up to 30 kg.

It is also necessary to wear a crash helmet

To secure the child while traveling on a two-wheeler, the driver has to tie the child safety harness, which comes with two straps. Under the new rule, it will be necessary to wear a crash helmet or cycle helmet while traveling. Helmets should comply with the standards laid down by the government. The Center has already notified the manufacturers to start making helmets for children.

1000 fine for violation
Violation of the new traffic rule can lead to a fine of Rs 1000 and suspension of driving license for 3 months. The Central Motor Vehicles Act has been amended to incorporate a new rule to ensure greater safety for children sitting behind on two-wheelers. This rule covers children up to the age of four.

Speed ​​should not exceed 40 km
The new rule also ensures for two-wheeler riders that the speed of the vehicle does not exceed 40 kmph while traveling with children. Earlier in October last year, the ministry had proposed a change in the rule by issuing a draft notification. In this, it was proposed to make the use of safety harnesses and crash helmets mandatory for the drivers of the vehicles. This rule will come into effect from 15 February 2023.

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