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Changed rules for SIM card, know how it will affect users


  • Changed rules regarding SIM card
  • This is going to have an effect on the users
  • International roaming customers will get benefit

New Delhi. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has changed the rules of SIM cards in India. Now this move of the government will greatly benefit the customers with international roaming. Let us tell you that at the behest of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the Telecom Department has agreed to change the rules of SIM cards. Now after the new rules, changes have been made in India regarding international roaming SIM cards and global calling cards of foreign telecom companies.

According to the new rules of the Department of Telecom, Indian citizens who go abroad can get a lot of help. Due to these new rules, Indian citizens will get a lot of benefits. Apart from this, it will be mandatory to provide customer care service, contact details, tariff plan information on getting NOC. The Telecom Department has also provided billing information for redressal of customer complaints, which will help in redressal of complaints.

new rule for keeping sim card

For the convenience of customers, the rules related to SIM cards have been changed by the Telecom Department in the past few days. The Telecom Department has discontinued the exemption of having more than 9 SIMs. Those users who do not accept this, then their SIM will be stopped forever. This step of the department will help in curbing online fraud. Along with this, people will also get rid of the problem of fake calls. The Telecom Department has allowed all citizens to have a maximum of 9 SIMs. On the other hand, in the northeastern states such as Assam, citizens are allowed to have a maximum of 6 SIMs.

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