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Change ‘Ya’ settings in old smartphone, the phone will look like new, see Tricks

New Delhi: Nowadays, you can’t find a person who doesn’t use a smartphone. Smartphones have replaced users’ computers. That being said, it wouldn’t be wrong anymore. From office work, to online classes, from messages to online payments, smartphones are widely used nowadays for every task. Smartphone companies are offering powerful processors in their new devices to attract users. But, as the phones get older, their functionality also decreases. Many apps, games and other types of data affect their speed. This problem affects almost every smartphone user. As such, it costs a lot of money to repair a smartphone. Today we are going to tell you 5 tips by which you can speed up the performance of your old phone.

Internal storage: The most important thing is to clear the storage of the smartphone. Full storage also slows down the phone. You can do this with the help of Google’s Files app. It helps you delete duplicate photos, large files and unnecessary media files. This app can be downloaded from Play Store and its size is also very small. Also, your smartphone has many apps. But, we only use some of these regularly. In that case, it’s best to uninstall apps you don’t use on your phone. Also, try to avoid apps that constantly occupy your phone’s memory. Restart phone: Sometimes restarting your device frees up RAM and resets apps. This method can be very useful for phones with low RAM.

It doesn’t work for newer Android devices with 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM. In addition, one of the reasons for the slowdown of the phone is the large size of the apps. It is better to use lite version apps in such phones. You can download lite version of popular apps from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter from Play Store. They may lack features a bit, but a lot of storage can be saved on your phone. If using all the tricks in your phone does not make any difference then the last method is Factory reset. This will make your phone look completely new. That is, it will have the same settings and apps that it had when buying a new phone. The thing to note here is that using this method will also delete all your data. So you need to back up all your photos, videos and contacts in advance.

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