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Chandra Grahan 2022: With the help of these 5 photography tips, you can take great pictures of Blood Moon


The last total lunar eclipse of the year 2022 will occur tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8. The moon will be turning red with blood tomorrow and hence it will also be called a blood moon. Also, according to NASA, this will be the last total lunar eclipse for almost three years as the next total lunar eclipse will occur on March 14, 2025.

If you want to capture the event, you can do it with your phone as they are the cameras for most people now. Here are some suggested tips you can follow to take the best pictures of the eclipse using your smartphone.

Wear gear to protect yourself from the rays

Before starting lunar eclipse photography, make sure you are protected from the rays as it can be harmful to your skin and eyes. So, cover your body and wear sunglasses before stepping out with your camera. If possible, wear a hat too.

Put an X-ray or UV filter in front of the camera lens

Exposure to direct exposure to the light of a lunar eclipse can also damage the camera sensor of your phone or camera. Therefore, try applying an X-ray or UV filter to the front of the camera lens.

Choose your location

It is important to find out the strategic location to catch the lunar eclipse. So, find an open area with a clear view of the sky, no obstructions from stars, poles, buildings, etc. If possible, find shade or an area where you can avoid sunlight.

set up your tripod

Using a tripod allows you to give stable and blur-free shots. It can also let you stay inside and take pictures using the remote.

Switch to full-resolution capture mode

Smartphones come with bigger sensors like 48MP, 64MP, 108MP and even 200MP. Switch to full resolution mode to capture the lunar eclipse. Instead of zooming in, you can crop the high-resolution image for better quality.

Use HDR Mode

Make sure HDR mode is active. HDR helps boost image quality and detail in shots. This can help you take better shots.

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