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Chabahar Port Deal: Iran is exporter of terrorism, America again spoke on India’s Chabahar Port deal

Chabahar Port Deal: Now the US Ambassador has broken his silence regarding the Chabahar Port deal between India and Iran. America has said that countries doing business with Iran may face sanctions. He said that India has not been given any relaxation on the Chabahar Agreement. US Ambassador Eric Garcetti said that businessmen should know that there is danger in building relations with Iran because it exports terrorism. Garcetti has advised India to be cautious about Iran. Garcetti said Iran exports terrorism and those doing business with it should know this. Let us tell you that a day before this, news had come that India has got the right to operate Chabahar Port of Iran for 10 years. For this, both the countries had signed the deal on Monday. Just hours after the contract, America threatened India with sanctions. Now a similar statement has come from the American Ambassador also. During a press briefing on Monday, US State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel said anyone pursuing trade deals with Iran should be aware of the risks of potential sanctions they are getting closer to. .

Awaiting clarification from the US State Department
However, he clarified that the US Embassy is still waiting for more clarification from the US State Department. We know that Iran is a force for terrorism. Iran is a power that exports many wrong things. We usually impose restrictions, but in some rare cases relaxations are made.

How will India benefit from getting Chabahar port?
By taking advantage of Chabahar port, India wants to bypass Pakistan and reach Afghanistan and beyond to Central Asia. Chabahar port holds great importance for India, as it will play an important role in connecting India with Afghanistan and Central Asian countries. With this, India will also be able to bypass Pakistan. Till now India needed Pakistan to reach Afghanistan. This strategic port is also being seen as an alternative to the Gwadar port developed with the help of China in Pakistan. There is a distance of only 100 kilometers by sea between Chabahar and Gwadar. There are plans to further connect it with the International North South Transport Corridor, which will ease India’s connectivity with Russia through Iran. This 7200 km long corridor will connect India to St. Petersburg of Russia via Iran and Azerbaijan.


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