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CES 2023: Display of unique technology at the world’s largest tech fair, discussion of wireless TV and earbuds


The Consumer Electric Show (CES), the world’s largest tech fair, sees tech companies and startups unveil one-of-a-kind tech products. The fair started on January 5 in the American city of Las Vegas and will continue till January 8. More than 3,200 companies from 174 countries have participated in this.

On the first day, Sony-Honda’s car Afila and BMW’s iVision D car attracted a lot of people. Regarding Sony-Honda’s shared car Afila, its CEO Yashuhide Mizuno said that it will be an interactive car, which will be able to understand people and society.

The car will have more than 40 sensors, apart from this, ultrasonic and lidar-like technology is intertwined in its entire outer shell, so that the whole car will be able to feel the movements of all sides like a conscious body. It is being considered as a rival of famous billionaire Elon Musk’s electric car Tesla. This car will hit the roads in America from 2026.

Flying cars have always been the focus of human interest. Aksa unveiled the A5 flying car at CES 2023. The company has started preorders. Car deliveries will also start from 2026.

HP’s earbud will remove the problem of hearing

HP has introduced Hearing Pro OTC hearing aids to help you get rid of big bulky machines or expensive implants in case of hearing loss. It comes with the facility of noise cancellation, so it can be used even in crowded and noisy places.

Will change color in just a second

BMW has introduced the iVision D that changes color according to the environment. The company claims that this car will be like an intelligent companion during the journey. It has the ability to change color according to the environment. The company will make it commercially available in 2025.

Laptops with 3D display: Asus and Acer have introduced laptops with 3D displays. 3D graphics on these laptops can be viewed without 3D glasses.

13th Generation Intel Processors: Intel introduced its 13th generation laptop processors at CES. A total of 32 processors have been introduced under the Core H series, P series and U series.

wireless tv

LG and Display TV introduced completely wireless TVs. These TVs run on batteries and once charged, it can be used for a month. Their batteries can also be swapped.

German Bionic Apogee

This is an exoskeleton. Wearing this, a person will be able to easily lift 30 kg extra weight than his capacity. Steering the boat and getting it on the right track is not an easy task. But Candela’s C8 e-boat won’t have to worry about the route, as it will automatically take passengers to their destination like autopilot cars.

delivery robot

The day is not far when you will order something online for food delivery and not a human but a walking robot will come to your doorstep. This facility has also started in countries like Miami, Florida.

The secret of health will be revealed

The U Scan device from Withings is like a home urine lab. It tells the status of nutrients in the body from the ovulation cycle of women to urine.

air purifier plants

Neoplants has introduced Neo Pee One, a bio-engineered plant that absorbs indoor pollutants – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This plant turns pollutants into water, sugar and oxygen.


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