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CES 2022: This John Deere tractor will run without a driver, will be controlled by smartphone

Autonomous driving, that is, the technology of driving a vehicle without a driver, is now being vigorously worked on. It seems that the year 2022 will be named after this technology. This year many big automakers and startups have shown many forms of this technology in the biggest event of technology, CES. One of them is John Deere, who is known for farming equipment and tractors. The company has announced the autonomous steering tractor at CES 2022. The company has provided all the information related to this technology in a virtual conference.

John Deere shared the conference at CES 2022 on his YouTube channel Video has shared. The company has informed that the fully autonomous tractor makes use of machine learning along with an integrated GPS-powered auto-steer feature. The farmer can also remotely monitor this tractor while completing his other works. This means the farmer can operate the tractor while doing other tasks without having to hold the tractor’s steering, or get off the tractor and leave it to run entirely on its own, or monitor it remotely using their smartphone. Can do.

John Deere says that the company has been working on this technology for a long time and it is not a tractor prototype, but its production will be started soon.

Surely this technology can be of great use to the farmers. This will not only make the work of the farmers easier, but will also save a lot of time. In the auto-steer system, the farmer can set the boundary of his field with the beacon (light) or by driving the tractor around that limit once. After this, this tractor will start working on its own set limit. This can be further controlled or monitored using a special software developed by the company, through which the farmer can change or stop the route of the tractor from his smartphone.

This autonomous steering kit uses six stereo cameras for an all-around view of the tractor. This set has been integrated with the machine vision algorithm, through which it will work to protect the tractor from the obstacles that it faces.

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