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Central government strict about surrogate advertisement! This action will be taken on wrong and misleading advertisements

CCPA Action on Surrogate Advertising: The central government is in a strict mood on surrogate advertising. The Modi government has issued a warning to companies promoting drugs, cigarettes, pan masala through surrogate advertising. Even after the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act 2019, cases of such advertisements are continuously coming up across the country.

In many cases it has been found that the advertising companies are not following the rules made by the government for advertisements. Many companies are promoting many prohibited things like alcohol, cigarettes, pan masala etc. through surrogate advisory. In view of such cases, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has issued new guidelines to advertising companies. If companies do not follow these guidelines, strict action can be taken against them.

What is Surrogate Advertising?
Many advertising companies do not promote any intoxicant directly, but in the form of cardamom, music CD, soda drink etc. For this, she keeps the packaging and branding of both of them the same. For example, selling liquor under the guise of advertising soda, selling pan masala under the guise of cardamom are all surrogate advertisements. The Central Consumer Protection Authority has said that the government will take strict steps against such misleading and surrogate advertisements.

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The CCPA can impose a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh on manufacturing, advertisers and endorsers for showing surrogate advertisements, which can be increased to 50 lakhs later. Along with this, if found guilty, there can also be 3 years in jail. The CCPA said that many advertising companies are misleading people by promoting intoxicants in the name of soda, cardamom. The authority said that we have seen many such promotions in the last few days.

Such advertisements will be considered misleading
The CCPA has said in its guidelines that if those things are not found in a product as per the advertisement, then in such a situation such an advisory will be considered wrong and misleading. Along with this, the advertisement in which the disclaimer and the product are also found to be different, then even in such a situation the advertisement will be considered as misleading. On doing so, the government will take strict action against those advertising companies.

Celebrity will be responsible
Along with this, the CCPA has also said that if the celebrity has given any wrong information through advertisement or his claim is proved to be false, then his responsibility will also be fixed. Along with this, advertising of any such thing is prohibited which falls in the narcotic category. This includes both direct and indirect advertising.


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