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Central government spent 13.60 lakh crores on 1526 infrastructure projects

Infrastructure Projects in India 2022: In India, for the last few years, work is going on very fast on a large scale infrastructure projects. According to the data released by the central government, work is going on on 1526 projects with an investment of more than Rs 150 crore. Although these projects are going on all over the country. Explain that the cost of infrastructure projects is estimated to increase from Rs 21,26,460 crore to Rs 25,61,823 crore.

See what are the reports

The report for August 2022 has been released by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation of the Central Government. Of the 1526 infrastructure projects costing Rs 150 crore or more in the country, 393 have seen cost overruns, while 647 projects are running late.

According to the report, the original cost to complete these 1526 projects was Rs 21,26,460 crore, but now it is estimated to increase to Rs 25,91,823 crore. The cost of these projects may increase by 21.88 percent or Rs 4,65,362 crore as compared to earlier.

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The central government has so far spent Rs 13,60,645 lakh crore to complete these projects, which is 52.49 percent of the estimated cost. The report said that the number of projects running with delay will come down to 500. Out of 647 delayed projects in the country, 132 projects are delayed by 1 to 12 months, 118 projects 13 to 24 months, 273 projects 25 to 60 months and 124 projects 61 months and above.

what are the reasons for the delay

According to the report, Corona Pandemic is also a major reason behind the delay. Let us tell you that some of these infrastructure projects have not been completed on time. According to the report, the reason for the increase in time is due to delay in land acquisition, delay in obtaining forest and environment department clearances and lack of infrastructure. The financing of the project, changes in the project, late receipt of construction equipment and legal problems have been told.

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