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Cash on delivery in Flipkart became expensive after the sale, know why


Popular shopping platform Flipkart has started adding handling fees for its cash on delivery orders. When a user chooses to pay “Cash on Delivery”, the e-commerce website will now charge a fee of Rs.

Whenever you do online shopping from Flipkart, the site offers the option of COD i.e. Cash on Delivery to the user. By activating this option, you can enable payment at the time of delivery itself.

Extra charge on choosing cash on delivery option

According to the Flipkart mobile app and website, users will now have to pay extra charges for choosing the “cash on delivery” option on the e-commerce platform. In other words, if users choose not to pay online, they will have to pay a small fee.

Cash on delivery in Flipkart becomes expensive after sale


Flipkart users are required to pay delivery fees on items at a specified value in the present, regardless of whether they choose to pay online or choose one of the two cash on delivery options. If the price of an order is less than Rs.500 and it is listed on Flipkart plus, a delivery charge of Rs.40 is added.

No charge on orders above Rs 500

For orders above Rs 500, however, there is no shipping charge. Apart from this, Flipkart Plus customers have the option to shop without paying the delivery cost.

But with this improvement in charge, now all buyers opting for cash on delivery option will have to pay extra and it has been made mandatory for all.

Flipkart is motivating users

The platform is trying to reduce the cash on delivery option and motivate more buyers to pay online with adjustments. As per the information shown for Cash on Delivery option, orders placed with this option (COD) will attract a charge of Rs.5 on account of handling cost. You can avoid this charge by paying online now.


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