Monday, February 26, 2024

«Cars come off the conveyor with «horse» grilles with radiators, but without rear emblems». Revealed volume production of Rio, Solaris and Creta at the largest Russian plant Hyundai

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Telegram-channel «Autopotok» with reference to its own sources revealed the volumes of production of cars at the top Russian plant Hyundai. Those, you know, are some of the most impressive (or at least big) ones.

So, on Monday we collected 40 machines, on Tuesday – 45, and in the middle and Thursday – only 20. «Automobiles roll off the conveyor with «horse» grille radiators, but without rear emblems», – complements «Autostream».

A couple of weeks ago «Russian car» published photo of new emblems For newly produced in Russia Solaris and Creta.

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