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Carmakers are now eyeing the segment of midsize hybrid cars, know why new choices are being made

Hybrid Cars: People’s interest in electric cars is increasing in the country, but due to their high prices, at present they are not able to become the number one choice for the general public. However, massive efforts are being made to develop infrastructure for electric cars in the country.

Another thing to note is that nowadays the focus of carmakers is increasing on the segment of hybrid cars even among them midsize hybrid cars. People’s interest for these cars is also increasing and these cars are proving to be a profitable deal for the automobile manufacturers as well.

New MD and CEO of Maruti Suzuki hisachi takeyuki Says that the best thing with hybrid technology is that they do not require a separate charging station and they also reduce carbon emissions. There is no need to develop separate infrastructure for these and they are ready in less cost.

At present, there is a need to create a complete manufacturing ecosystem in the country for electric vehicles and for this efforts will have to be made by companies and different governments in the states. In the financial year 2021-22, only 17,802 electric cars have been sold in the country, most of which have been battery electric vehicles (BEVs). On the other hand, if we look at passenger cars compared to them, during this period their sales figure was 27.26 lakhs, which is much higher than electric vehicles.

The four categories mentioned here are important for existing electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

    • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
    • Hybrid Electric Wheel (HEV)
    • Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV)
    • Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV)

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