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Car travellers, please take note! Government going to change the rules related to seatbelt

The Indian government is going to change the rules related to seatbelts in cars. The government is soon going to make three-point seatbelts mandatory for all car seats. This means that a three point seatbelt will be mandatory for the third occupant in the car as well. Which means that not only the front seat but also the rear seat will now be given three point seatbelts in cars.

Three point seatbelt mandatory
According to a report in Mint, the government will announce this soon. Currently, most cars have three point seatbelts in the front seat and two rear seats. These seatbelts are also called Y shape seatbelts. The rear center seater in these cars comes with two point seatbelts, similar to the setup provided in aircraft seats.

6 airbags also mandatory

Earlier, the government has also announced to make 6 airbags mandatory in 8 passenger-carrying cars. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari had said in a series of tweets sometime back that vehicle manufacturers will have to increase the number of airbags in vehicles to ensure the safety of occupants. They will be asked to install a minimum of six airbags in vehicles with a capacity of up to eight passengers. According to Gadkari, he has recently approved the draft notification to make six airbags mandatory in eight-passenger vehicles.

According to government data, a total of 1.16 lakh road accidents took place on national highways in the year 2020 in which 47,984 people died. Such rules can prove to be very effective in reducing the mortality rate in such incidents.

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