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Car Tips: Police will not issue challan if you do these three things, drive your car peacefully

Car Tips: Drive the car with pleasure, these 3 tips will not cut the police challan Image Credit source: Freepik

Often, while driving a car or bike on the road, people say in a hurry or deliberately break many traffic rules. This includes from crossing red light to wrong side driving and rash driving. These traffic rules They have been made for the safety of the people, but people follow them considering it as compulsion. While this should not happen on the road, playing with the safety of yourself and the person in front becomes the reason for the accident.

In such a situation, the traffic police hand over a hefty challan to you, due to which you have to face the loss of thousands of rupees. But now you will not have to pay the money for the challan, today we will tell you three such tips, by following which no one will be able to deduct your challan.

avoid breaking the signal

Whenever you drive a car or bike, you should keep your attention only on the road. One should walk while looking at every board and signal on the road. In this, information up to entry, no entry, accident area and speed limit is available. In such a situation, travel keeping in mind the warnings and information written on the road, after that the police will not deduct your challan.

Always keep these documents with you

If you want the traffic police not to issue your challan, always keep these documents with you. This includes Pollution certificate, Insurance, RC, and Driving license. The traffic police can check these documents at any time while traveling on the road. In such a situation, if you give the document as soon as the police asks for it, then the police will not deduct your challan and you will be saved from the challan. Sometimes you forget to carry a soft copy, so to avoid this, you can save these documents digitally in your smartphone on Digilocker or Transport app.

Know every information before modification in car or bike

Many times people like to get some modifications done to their car to give it a stylish look. But many times modifications to the vehicle become the reason for traffic challan. These include black mirrors to high volume exhaust, high volume sound system, and excessive high lights. But if you want, you can get the interior modified according to your comfort zone inside your car.


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