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Car Tips: If you want to keep your car clean even without going to the service center, then keep these five things in mind, know the complete details.

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Keep Your Car Clean
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No person can keep his car dirty for long. Most people go to the service center to get their car cleaned. Where the car gets cleaned. But in this news we are giving you information about five such methods. Keeping these in mind, the car can be kept clean without going to the service center.

Keep these things in mind while traveling

Whenever the car is driven. That’s when the car is the dirtiest. But if while traveling in a car, food items are always eaten outside the car, then the car can be saved from getting dirty. If eating food in the car, always use a tray and tissue.

keep paper bags in the car

The advantage of keeping a paper bag in the car is that it can be used to throw away anything. This can prevent the car from getting dirty. Apart from this, if needed, paper bags can also be used for many other purposes.

use of mat

Mats in the car also help in maintaining cleanliness. Some people do not use mats in their cars. In such a situation, more dirt comes into the car when it comes from outside. Due to dirty shoes, mud remains in the car and this makes the car dirty. Therefore, such mats should be used in the car which cover more space.

keep the windows closed

Some people drive the car only with the windows open. Doing this also makes the car dirty. There are dust and soil particles in the atmosphere. Which come in the car due to the windows being open. Gradually these start accumulating in the car and seat covers, mats etc. start getting dirty. Therefore, try to drive the car only with the windows closed.

Do this work at home once a week

To keep the car clean without going to the service center, the car should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at home once a week. By doing this, not only the money spent on getting the car cleaned can be saved. In fact, you can also get satisfaction from cleaning your car yourself while at home.


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