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Car Tips: If you want to install CNG kit in an old car, then do this important work, otherwise you will get worried.

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If you want to install CNG kit in your old car. So what things are very important to keep in mind? Let us know.

Petrol prices have increased significantly across the country in a very short time. In such a situation, many people get CNG kit installed in their old car. But after getting the kit installed, small carelessness leads to big problems. In this news, we are telling you which two important tasks should be done in the car after installing the CNG kit.

It is necessary to update RC

If you are also getting CNG kit installed in your old car. So after installing the kit, you have to update the CNG in the RC of the car also. For this, it is necessary to inform the RTO near your house. On purchasing any vehicle, a registration certificate is given by the Transport Department. Which contains all the information related to the vehicle. It also contains information about the fuel of the vehicle. If CNG is installed in the car then it becomes very important to update it in RC. After filling the form and giving it to the RTO, the vehicle is checked, after which it is approved and updated in the RC.

Get your insurance policy updated also

Once the RC is updated, the company from which the car has been insured. He should also be informed about this. After giving this information to the insurance company, a photo of the car is taken on their behalf and some documents are taken. After which CNG is also updated in insurance. For this, a charge is taken by the insurance company and the value of CNG is added to the car insurance. After which the car insurance premium also increases, but your car becomes safe.

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