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Car Tips: How many types of lights are there in vehicles, which provides more light, know the details

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Vehicles ranging from very low price to crores of rupees are used all over the world. In these vehicles, there are different types of lights according to the price and features. In this news we are telling you how many types of lights are used in vehicles.

This light is most in trend

Halogen lights are most commonly used in all types of vehicles. The biggest reason for this is that they are very easy to use. In this type of lights, halogen gas and tungsten filament are filled in a glass capsule. When halogen lights are turned on, current passes through the tungsten filament. Due to which heat is generated and the bulb starts burning. These have yellow colored light. Along with this, their price is also less compared to other lights.

This light is better than halogen

HID headlights do not have filament like halogen lights but are filled with xenon gas. These lights can be considered CFL in common language. These lights are much better than halogen and give more light. These are also called xenon lamps. These types of lights are used in common variants of many vehicles.

Which light is better than HID

Compared to halogen and HID, there is LED light. LED headlights in vehicles consume less energy and also provide more light. The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode. Their second specialty is that they can be molded into any shape and size. In today’s time, when DRL has been made mandatory in cars, LED lights are used the most. Along with this, this type of light is used in most electric vehicles.

Matrix Lite is also better

Advanced versions of LED lights are called matrix lights. There is a camera inside such lights which monitors the vehicles coming from the front. As soon as a car comes from the front, a message is sent to the computer through its camera and the LEDs turn off or dim. Its biggest advantage is that the light gets reduced in the eyes of the driver of the car coming from the front, which reduces the risk of an accident. These are also known as Adaptive LEDs. These are mostly used in luxury cars.


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