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Car Tips: Have zero knowledge about car parts? Know here what these parts are called

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Increase information about the car.Image Credit source: Toyota

Driving a car is one thing, but knowing about the car is another thing. You can be a good driver, but if you do not have knowledge about the important parts of the car, you may face problems. Especially if you want to repair any part of the car yourself. If you have knowledge about the parts of the car, then you will be able to easily check where the fault is. So today we are telling you about some important parts of the car engine.

The engine of a car is its most important part. The parts that are here car Play an important role in running it. The performance of the car also depends to a great extent on these parts. Let us know about the important parts of the engine.

Car Engine

Car engine. (Credit: Freepik)

Engine Block

Engine block is the most important part of the car engine. It is a heavy metal block in which the piston, crankshaft and other engine parts are mounted. Engine blocks are usually made from iron or aluminum.


Piston. (Credit: Pixabay)


The piston is a metal part that moves up and down inside the engine. This compresses the air and fuel inside the engine, causing an explosion and propelling the car forward. Pistons are usually made of aluminum or iron.


The crankshaft is also an essential part of the engine, which helps in driving the wheels of the car with the speed of the piston. It is a metal part which has several shafts. The movement of the piston up and down rotates the crankshaft, which rotates the wheels of the car. The crankshaft is usually made of iron.


Camshaft is a special part of the engine. It is used to open and close the inlet and exit valves in the engine at the right time. The job of camshaft is to control the increasing speed in the engine. With its help the engine comes into cylinder at the right time.

Timing Belt Chain

Timing belt or chain is one of the special parts of the engine. It connects the crankshaft to the camshaft. It ensures that the piston and camshaft work together in a synchronized manner. Due to this, the valves of the engine open and close at the right time.

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