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Car Tips: Before buying a 7 seater car, know these 4 things about it, it will be in profit

MPV Buying: If you are buying an MPV which is called 7 seater car in common language, then you should first know some things, in fact without knowing these things, it can prove to be a loss deal for you.

Know These Details Before Buying MPV: Some people buy a car in a hurry, there are some who buy a 7 seater car. However, before doing this, you should know some important things about MPV. Actually the MPV is bigger in size than the regular car and it has to be maintained more than the regular car. Today in this news we are going to tell you similar things related to MPV which can save you from loss deal.

servicing cost is high 

The servicing cost of a normal car ranges between Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000, whereas it is not the case with an MPV, in fact you may have to spend Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 on servicing it to maintain it. Most of the people buy MPV without knowing this and they have to repent later because the cost of servicing it is very high. 

difficult handling 

Well, once you become a trend, you can drive any vehicle, but if you compare the MPV with the common car, then its handling is a bit difficult and it also becomes a little difficult to control at times. You cannot even park it anywhere because it requires a large space for parking. 

low mileage 

If we talk about mileage, then this MPV is much less than the regular car. Those who want mileage and want to drive a car while saving fuel should not buy a 7 seater car as it offers much less mileage than a regular hatchback or sedan car.

repair cost is high 

If there is any defect in the MPV, then you may have to spend more money for its checkup and repair. Its structure is bigger than a normal car and many people may have to work in it simultaneously and this is the reason why people should know this thing. 

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