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Car Theft: No rod, no hammer… this is how high-tech thieves steal cars without breaking and entering.

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Thieves are taking help of technology to steal cars.

It would not be wrong if today’s modern cars are called mobile computer centres. More than 100 computer connections are found in new cars, which contain countless software codes. By combining all these, a computer network of the car is formed which runs your car. If someone tampers with this network then he can also take control of it. Thieves have also become advanced in stealing cars with advanced technology. Now to steal a car, they do not need a rod-hammer but a smart device.

Earlier the doors of cars used to open with keys but now is the era of keyless cars. Meaning you can open the car door through phone or through key fob. You don’t need to put the key in the car, you just stand at a distance and connect to the device. car Give the order and the doors will open. As much as technology has created ease, the dangers have also increased.

Features of keyless car

The difference between keyless entry and the remote that unlocks your car is that the keyless entry fob is always transmitting, so when you approach your car and touch the door, it will unlock. To open the door of a car with a key fob, you have to press a button on the fob and then use your key to start the car.

Thieves caught the pulse of a keyless car

Keyless entry A digital code is transmitted to the car, and the car is unlocked. The thieves came to know that they could listen to the radio signals and make recordings. By playing this recording again it will be possible to unlock the car. To improve security, new fobs use a one-time code to open the door.

Thieves steal keyless cars like this

Recently it was seen that thieves steal cars with the help of phones, laptops and other devices. Thieves use two devices to make the connection between the fob and the car. A thief approaches the car and uses a device to trick the car into sending a digital code. It is used to verify the car owner’s fob.

The thief’s device sends that signal to an accomplice standing near the owner’s house, who makes a copy of the car’s signal. When the owner’s fob responds, the device near the home sends the fob signal to the device near the car, and the car unlocks.

After this the car comes into the possession of the thieves and they can drive it, but once the car is switched off they cannot start it again. Car manufacturers are ensuring that a fob must be present in the car to operate it.

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